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  • Wholesale French Wines
  • Wholesale French Wines
  • Wholesale French Wines

Vintners was originally formed solely for the wholesale wine trade. Our purpose is to bring wines into the UK directly from the wine producers in France that are made naturally without harmful chemicals and with an understanding for sustainabilityand the environment and with a small carbon footprint.

This is where we source our wines and bring them into the UK. Since 2005 we have been working closely with a small number of winemakers on the natural and sustainable methods of making wines. Customers are now more than ever demanding to know the provenance of what they eat and drink. We are here to assist our wholesale customers to be at the forefront of this vanguard.

In addition the quality systems for fine wines in France only allow a maximum amount of grapes to be harvested which results in a higher quality of grapes from selective picking and a concentration of flavours and with the natural preservatives left in the wines.

In contrast to these natural and sustainable methods the majority of wines sold in the UK particularly from the New World have residues of all manner of pesticides and fungicides that have been sprayed onto the vines during the growing season to prevent disease like black spot and mildew and damage from insects such as grasshoppers, mites, weevils and locusts. The list of chemicals that can be used is full of dangerous ingredients that are harmful to our health. These include Paraquat a very dangerous chemical to humans.


We are now waking up to the reality that for years we have all eaten food and consumed drinks that were full of both added chemicals and the residue of chemicals sprayed onto plants to prevent disease and stop insect damage. Now we are paying the price through an increase in health problems like cancers and other disorders that have been proven to be as a result of our intake of this cocktail of chemicals over the years.

In New World countries the quantities of grapes picked form the vines can be 5 times higher than those from our winemakers so quality and flavour are hugely compromised and all sorts of spurious methods can be used to enhance flavour by adding ingredients like sugar, oak powder, fruit flavourings, acids, cleaning agents, antioxidants, and stabilizers. The Australians even use bentonite (used in cat litter) in the wine making process.

Our wines come from across the channel so minimising carbon usage.  They are bottled by the winemakers themselves so there is complete control throughout the wine making process, and because they have greater control the levels of natural preservatives are retained.

If you buy wines from the New World these can be shipped in bulk tanks half way around the globe for bottling in the UK with consequential massive carbon usage and this method requires higher levels of added preservatives to stop the wine deteriorating through oxidation. Preservatives used in large dosages affect the flavour of wine and can be harmful in high dosages.


Drink Aware

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